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Mixed media on canvas

VERY special order for my son and his spouse who works for 9-1-1.

I was not necessarily going in that direction. I was asked to paint an abstract landscape with orange, purple and blue tones and use a medium called 'Cracle paste'.

When I start creating for a special order, I always keep in mind the people I create for and what they want.  Sometimes I make sketches, but it is not always possible depending on the request and materials. So I don't always know the outcome of the creation or if the futur collector will be satisfied.
I must first be totally satisfied with it myself, enough to desire to expose it in my own house.
Not to worry, they were both very so excited when they recieved it!

Dimensions 60'' x 30''

Non available

* Are you disappointed that it is not available?

Do not worry, I make special orders and I can produce one that will be similar, but with the colors and specifications you desire. Contact!

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