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Artistic statement

"Where art rub shoulders with psychology and  



Salvador Dali's paranoid-critical method and René Magritte's impenetrable enigmas are artistic influences of my youth. They were the spark of my half-abstract, half-surrealist inspiration.

In search of introspection, I try to reveil the taboos concerning the mental barriers which confuse perception and interpretation.

I have always wondered and enjoyed analyzing human beings as much in their strength as in their fragility. Also sensitive to to everything related to the environment, my artistic approach overlaps between these two concepts.

To achieve this, I use a variety of materials such as acrylic medium, Spray Paint, mortar paste, papier mache, and sometimes even Paverpol, when I want to obtain sculptural effects. With this combination of mixed processes, I create movement and the shapes come to life.

The tones used are contrasted, light and transparency are omnipresent.

The colors of life are not the same for everyone and its nuances are complex.

My art offers the viewer an escape into the abyss of the imagination.