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Conversation with my left side brain

tu petes ma bulle.jpg

# 2:

You're busting my bubble

Acrylic on canvas gallery

Do you have that feeling of a conflict in your mind sometimes? As a battle between the two hemispheres - the left; the radical side, and the right; the emotional.

I think I am in constant conflict with my left brain! Although being an artist at heart, I seem to have inherited a very calculating side and I sometimes wonder if there are several other people in this situation.

I believe that there would be several ways to interpret this phenomenon, but here, I have chosen to present it to you with glass and bubbles.

The bubbles represent emotion, joy, colors, while the glass is the left hemisphere, which comes to burst the bubbles with its rational calculation on everything.

And you, do you experience this ambiguity?



Dimensions: 20 '' X 20 '' X 1.5 ''

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