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(E)ncrés dans notre évolution

(E)ncres dans notre evolution_edited_edited.jpg

Mixed media on canvas

The title in it self means that we are anchor in our evolution. - I used  ''(E)encrés'' because it has the same pronounciation as anchor in French as, but it doesnt mean the same thing, This piece is made with ink and thats the exact translation of the word, witch would not apply in English for what I wanted to express.

Yes, whether we like it or not, we are all rooted in our evolution and that's what I wanted to represent here. We are born and die and what happens in between is up to us but, in my opinion, only at a small scale. The geographical place where we are born, the family to which we belong, will be the main keys to what will emerge between our arrival and our departure.

Dimensions: 18'' X 60''


* Are you disappointed that it is no longer available?

Don't worry, I make custom orders and I can produce one for you that will be different, but with the colors and specifications that YOU require. Contact me!

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