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Mixed technics  on canvas gallery

Dimensions: 40 "X 30" X 1.5 "

I started this painthing around February 2020, when the Corona virus was still only a distant whisper. Strangely, I wasn't sure where I was going with this one and, as sometimes happens in art, I had some difficulty moving forward. Looking back, I must admit that I had a tendency to quit working doing other activities - which, in reality, is not like me. When I start a painting, I have rather an attraction to return to it over and over again until it is completely finished and I do not see the time passing.

In the meantime, I took a trip from March 9 to 16, the same year,  and my return by plane cost me a fight against Covid-19. It was only after my recovery that I took up the brushes again and then this work took on its full meaning, as if it was also waiting to reveal itself.

What we experienced on a planetary level at the moment is none other than a reflection of what was latent and waiting to splash us all.

Not only in the real sense, but also figuratively. What I don't mean here is that it seems to me that, since Covid, psychological problems are exacerbated. People are less patient and they burst more easily. Many have developed anxiety problems while others, addictions to alcohol and drugs.

A positive thing, because I think there still is, is that we have learned a lot from these events and we are still learning.

In my opinion, even the worst times can take us further and to a place we wouldn't have thought of before. Just open up to the future.

Let's stay positive!

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