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Mixed technics on wood

We often use this expression "It's hell".

I often have the title in mind before starting to work and it guides my inspiration. In this particular case, since it was a special order, the title appeared after it was finalized.

For me the hell that is represented here has several meanings.

The first:

The environment is never far from my concerns and this is what I imagine as the result of a planet that once had beings who lived on it, but whose sad evolution wiped them out. We can even think that ours, even before it was inhabited, had this look of hell.

The second:

At the psychological level, hell can be related to several sectors of life. There are people who are really going through hell in terms of health, both mental and physical. It is perhaps such an image that could then arise in their mind from the level of pain that their situation inflicts on them.

The third:

The person who asked me to make a piece of art for her, experienced many things in this office and came close to depression. What is depression if it is not a hell in which we imprison ourselves? As she is a fighting person, she got up but I believe my hands were guided knowing this crucial point in her life.

Dimensions 48'' x 36'' x 1,5''

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