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No estoy aqui.jpg

No estoy aquí 

Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions 18'' x 60''

While I was in Mexico during a convention with my husband, one morning we sat at a table for breakfast where a friend was already sitting.

In these conventions, the occasions to party are daily and the mornings can sometimes be a little difficult. The first words pronounced by our friend as soon as we sat in front of him were: "No estoy aquí"!

Having not yet had his coffee and wearing sunglasses, this sentence pronounced in a hoarse voice and that means "I am not here", made us laugh so hard! The joke was repeated throughout our holiday and it is the basis of my inspiration for this painting.


But that is not all!

The bubbles for me represent dreams. It often happens that we see ourselves physically in our dreams and, even if it's the case, we are not really there since we are in our bed. Just like when you look at a photo. Even if you are in the picture, it is only the image of you that is there.


You see, I am a fan of René Magritte, a surrealist painter who is at the origin of my interest in art. This amazing artist did a special work that is inscribed in my head..

This art piece is entitled "La Trahison des mots'' (The Betrayal of Words) where a pipe is represented and it reads, just below: "This is not a pipe".



Here is Magritte's painting. This image has always fascinated me and, combined with the sentence my friend said in Mexico, allowed me to realize this work. .  

No estoy aqui deco.JPG
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