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Radioactive pleine.jpg
Radioactive contexte_edited_edited.jpg


Mixed technics on wood pannel

Everything is changing. 
What does the earth revealing to us more and more? What are we waiting for?
We keep shoveling forward as Mother Nature reveals day after day what we have accomplished for generations.
Admittedly, we didn't know anything about it at first and now that we know, our political-economic system does so little.
BUT we cannot constantly blame "the system" because we are all responsible. 

It is obvious that the cost of returning to a proper ecosystem is enormous and that we are tired to always have to pay more.
My experience in scuba diving confirmed this sad reality.
I fear for generations to come and that is why this art piece is "radioactive" and represents the state of emergency  we live in..
I think there is beauty in everything. Who is not fascinated by a volcano eruption , despite the disaster it represents?

My art  is directly connected to these vibrant colors and with environmental and human torments.
I continue to believe in humanity and cling to what it has to offer.
Where there's life, there's hope.


Dimensions: 36'' x 36'' x 1.5''

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