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Tout est dans tout.jpg

This art piece is in Rome at gallery Rossocinabro

'' Everything is in everything ''

Mixed technics on wood

Dimensions: 30 "X 40" X 1.5 "

This expression more then 2,500-year-old, has never been truer than now. Yes, in 2020 we are experiencing a pandemic, but is it not the result of many actions taken universally? Is it nature itself that sends us a message?

Several questions are looming, but this reality we  live leads us to reshape our thinking. The Real question is; 'Will we be able to face it planetarily?'

Just as this art piece represents, with all the electricity that circulates and makes things happen, we have the option of heading towards the light or being absorbed by the holes.

There will be pitfalls. There will be shocks.

The movement is underway.

Which path are we going to take?

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