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What's beneath 

Ink and acrylic on wood

Dimensions 12'' x 24'' x 1,5''

What's beneath 1 -Diurne.jpg

1-By day

Available at Gallery Lenoir   -  220 St- Paul street, Mtl.

2-By night

What's beneath 2- Nocturne.jpg

Sometimes the two favorite subjects that feed my inspiration - psychology and the environment - are found in the same canvas. That is exactly the case here.

1- Psychology:

Who has never answered that everything is fine when people ask us how we are doing, even if we feel discouraged, and life pulls us down?

These facades sometimes protect us from ourselves when we are about to explode, but only let us reveal pleasant colors on the outside.

2- The environment:

Earth lets us see its beauty . It caresses us with its breath but the sound of it is starting to have an alarming note.

We hear it, but we prefer to be lulled by our comfort that, until now, is barely disturbed. 

When Mother Nature can't take it anymore, she will reveal a completely different tune.

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